Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Festive Fun

This is something you can have fun with when you have friends or family round over the holiday season. Upload a photo and see which celebrities you most closely resemble.

I'm not sure how accurate the system is, but it's a laugh. The first pic I tried, I got a pretty good match for Kevin Costner. Interestingly the second closest match was for fellow Scot Jackie Stewart.

The next pic I tried was seriously ego stroking - top match for Keanu Reeves (yeah!), and second was Ewan McGregor - another Scot, so maybe there is something in this genes malarky.

However, the top match for another of my photos rather weakened my faith in the system...Britney Spears. Hmmm. Can't quite see it myself.

Mrs Div seems to be pretty close to Annette Benning, and also scored highly for Penelope Cruz, Isabella Rossellini, Courteney Cox and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Hmmm, remind me why I married her again?

1 comment:

Joe Speaker said...

Well, that's a half-hour of workplace destructification.

Apparently, I'm a Dutch footballer since I got Patrick Kluivert and Rinus Michels on the first pass, though I don't see any resemblance between the two.

The only person to come up on both tries was...uh...Babe Ruth. To which I have no comment.

thanks for the link.