Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Biggest ever pot I've won!

A modest achievement but one to send me off to bed in a happy mood.

I made my first foray into the $1/2 NLHE game on Prima tonight. Something I've been geeing myself up to do for months.

On my first table I find myself immediately to the left of a big stack LAGtard who is playing lots of pots and bullying a lot. Slightly scary, but tempting too.

Within about three hands I think, give me a hand and this guy will double me up. Five hands later, lovely aces, but unfortunately OOP in the small blind.

Folded around to the LAGtard who makes it $7 to play. Normally I'd be tempted to slow play here, but I figured if he had any sort of hand there was a good chance he'd move in on me if I play back at him. I reraise big, and.....he flat calls.

Which brings us to an Ace high, uncoordinated flop. Bingo bango bongo!

Check-check (Obviously)

Lots of action on the turn, all-in on non-threatening river, and he mucks. Which on Prima is a genuine muck, as opposed to a check the hand history to find out what he had muck. I'm guessing the turn gave him a flush draw to go with top pair.

If only poker was always so simple.

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