Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back In Action

Managed to set aside Civilization IV for a couple of nights to get back in action at the online poker tables.

Remembering I had a few dollars languishing in a Eurobet account (a legacy of the days when Party Poker skins paid rakeback!), I fired up a session and dropped into a couple of very small PLO games. A game I much enjoy but have been neglecting for a long time.

Most players I've read talk of rustiness manifesting itself in terms of decision making, reading of opponents, etc.

My rustiness was a bit more of the buffoonish variety.

On the very first hand, I've posted to play from late position and been dealt a rainbow hand of middling connectors. Something along the lines T975. Not a monster, but definitely playable in Pot Limit Omaha.

I check behind a limper, the BB pots it, limper folds, and my call takes us heads up to a flop which I totally whiff. BB checks, I check behind, and we eventually check our way to a showdown which I win with the idiot end of a runner-runner straight.

Nothing too bad about that, until about three hands later I notice a pot being chopped in circumstances I struggle to comprehend, until I realise I've actually signed into a couple of PLO8B tables.

Doh! Not quite the manner of donking around I had in mind for some Saturday night light entertainment.

Amazingly enough I managed to finish a few dollars ahead, and maintained that form at the iPoker No Limit Hold Em tables tonight, for a fairly satisfactory return to action.

Can't exactly claim to have brought my A-game to either session, but at least I've ended the weekend actually knowing which game I'm playing, which must be progress of a sort.

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