Thursday, March 12, 2009


Not a lot of time for poker right now.

Aside from work I am wrapped up in a personal project so gloriously inappropriate for the current world economic situation, a few of my workmates clearly think I have lost my marbles.

Whereas I'm more enthused that I've been in a long time about something that doesn't involve a Miranda Kerr bikini shoot.

If I can pull off the deal I'm aiming for, I'll be ecstatic, but in dire need of improving both my work-rate and win-rate at the tables to supplement the family coffers.

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Knightsridge said...

Hey mate, cheers for the comments. lol, nice to know someone is reading!

Been plugging away and moving up in stakes. I have really improved my game recently which is a lot of fun. One thing that has helped immensely is I am getting staked by an online pro in North Carolina. Basically every Monday I send a picture of my poker graph for the week and I send him 1/2 of my profits. But if I had a losing week, he refunds all the losses. So I only make 1/2 of what I win, but I never lose. We have both made a good bit of money and there is no stress or worry about losing on my end. I just concentrate on making the right plays. Been good.

You been playing love much lately?