Friday, August 05, 2005

Poker In Glasgow

So many options, so little time!

By my reckoning there are now three casinos and two dedicated card rooms in Glasgow offering tournament poker, and cash games.

- Gala Riverboat Casino
- Gala Rotunda Casino
- Stanley Thistle Casino
- Cincinnati Club
- Wabash Club

Sadly, so far I have only had time to play once at The Riverboat, and have a quick introductory tour of The Cincinnati Club.

The aim in the next few weeks is to get involved in a tournament at The Cincinnati Club. After which I'll be in a position to post a proper review.

My brief first impression review would be it looks great, much nicer interior than The Riverboat, and I can't wait to play!

Their tournaments are Hold Em rebuys kicking off at 9pm each night, as follows:


My understanding is there will be dealers choice and Omaha cash games, with other games available on request. Once I've been in and played, I'll post more news.


Ignatious said...

i'll be in scotland in about a month. hopefully we can have a beer.

Derek said...

Definitely a good time to be a poker player in Glasgow!

I'm planning to get along to the Cincinnati Club as soon as I can - I really want to start playing more live games as opposed to on the internet.

Any idea on the situation with memberships for the Cincinnati? Do you know if it's possible to just turn up and play?

Any info appreciated.


Div said...

Iggy, screw the beer. There's plenty Guinness in Glasgow!

Derek, take along some id. Photo driver licence or passport. You can join and play straight away. Call in advance to find out what games are running. The number is on the link in this post.

Derek said...

Cheers Div, much appreciated.

Mookstar said...

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