Sunday, July 02, 2006

June Summary

I didn't get to play as much poker in June as I'd hoped for - particularly in the first half of the month.

When I did play, I stuck primarily to SNG. Alternating between No Limit Hold Em, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha 8OB, and at one point I even found myself in a LIMIT Omaha game. I think I misclicked somewhere along the line.

It was a winning month, and I had fun. SNG are quite liberating, as the time commitment is fairly well defined, and the maximum win/loss is predetermined.

I played one crazy game where I got bad beat down to under 2BB by the table moron, was all in next hand, won, all in again next hand, won, and within a few minutes was monster chip leader having bubbled out the moron.

So dominant was my lead the other two players were effectively competing to fold their way to second so that by the time it was heads up, I was a 10/1 chip leader.

I lost!

The other guy simply couldn't lose a hand. It didn't matter how strong our respective starting cards were.

Yet I wasn't perturbed in the slightest - being just happy to have made the money after being so short stacked.

In a cash game a swing like that would have me climbing the walls. In a SNG it was just an interesting talking point.

Since it's now halfway through the year I want to do a quick review of my targets for the year...

Learn New Games

I'm on track for this, after devoting a fair amount of time to Stud-8OB and Omaha-8OB in the early part of the year.

During the latter part of the year I aim to have a go at 7 Card Stud and perhaps Triple Draw. I've already added 7 Card Stud For Advanced Players to my poker library, on Felicia's recommendation.

Play Live More

Woeful. I can barely recall what a chip looks like. Very disappointing, but the dual demands of work and family take precedence of course.

Move Up Limits

I've had some success here. $3/6 is now my default limit game, and I'm gearing up for a slightly higher SNG level too.

I've not been playing enough big bet cash this year to justify moving anywhere beyond the $50 and $100 tables. That may change later in the year.

Take Some Shots

Nope. Another failure. I just haven't felt able to commit the time to any form of MTT events, so trying to satellite my way into bigger events just hasn't been on my radar.

The only events I've taken a shot at have been blogger freerolls.

Meet More Bloggers

Well I managed to add Joe Speaker to the small list of bloggers I've met so far, and of course, The Tank became a temporary blogger. That was a spectacular weekend!

Again, plans are afoot to improve my performance later in the year.

Clear $6,000

Pah. If only!

After getting stuck in January, I gradually clawed my way out of the hole and I'm now back in black but way, way off the pace for making $6,000.

I'm optimistic I can improve my performance in the second half, but pessimistic about hitting my final target. Time will tell.

Overall I'm probably about a C- at present, but I can see scope for improvement in some areas at least.

Here's hoping!

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