Sunday, January 07, 2007

In The Thick Of It

After my near $1000 December profit, I made my triumphant return to the tables last night - having taken a week off over the new year period.

I momentarily allowed myself the worry that the maniacs who had padded my bankroll in December may be in shorter supply after the festive period, but my fears were without foundation.

At times like these my vocabulary and creative talents can fail me, as I struggle to communicate just how dire some of the play is at the $.5/1 tables.

So, as time is short tonight, I'll be concise. Some of these guys would struggle to spell their own name.

It's that bad. Really.

Last night's gold standard example. Two guys all-in pre-flop with not insignificant stack sizes. One has AA - understandable. The other - KK? QQ? AK?

No! Try T8o. Beyond comprehension.

At some point surely Malthusian theory must kick in, and the fish will be over exploited by the sharks to the point where returns diminish for the winning player?

This is one of the worries expressed about the replacement of Limit Hold Em by No Limit Hold Em as the game of choice for the 'less strong' players. They can go bust a lot quicker at No Limit.

Fortunately that point seems to be a long way off. Which must be indicative of the continuing strength of the world economy.

People who probably struggle to tie their shoelaces are still finding enough cash to fund their losing poker habit. Hallelujah!

As is traditional in these circumstances I started with a series of outdraws and missed flops, to be rapidly down $100.

Much to my relief, things turned around in the space of a few hands, culminating in a draw that hit, and an opponent who couldn't fold an overpair. Profit for the evening $10.

Well, it all counts, and it was good to get back in action with a winning session of sorts.

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