Friday, January 12, 2007

Wattie, Justin , and Jambos

Just kicked off a big weekend with a few beers, a family size pack of Walkers Sensations, and another winning session on Tribeca.

I called it a night early, as I've had a bit of a frantic week at work and could feel fatigue creeping in. Plus I've got other stuff to do tomorrow so need a decent sleep.

It's always nice to post a relatively short 100BB+ session without ever being significantly down, or feeling under any pressure.

I suspect my win rate suffers slightly from an unwillingness to make 'big calls' with decent, but far from the nuts, hands.

I'm sure I'm letting a few players pinch a cookie or two, either deliberately or simply from a lack of awareness that 2nd pair top kicker is not a long term winner.

However I am getting better at controlling pot sizes, which helps to reduce variance and enhance my edge over weaker players.

This style is also better suited to my temperament, and any EV sacrificed is probably compensated for by the more stable bankroll progression.

That said, it's something I am monitoring through PokerTracker and note taking to see if I can push up the win rate without sacrificing stability.

Clearly I wasn't playing against Justin Timberlake tonight. Would anyone seriously contemplate playing that boy for money at cards? With his luck he'd probably hit a straight flush on every hand.

From Britney in the cute'n'sexy pre-trailer trash mom phase to Cameron Diaz at well, any phase, to (if rumours are to be believed) Scarlett Johansson. wtf!?

No wonder the press over here call him Justin Trousersnake.

As we say in Scotland, jammy bastard!

Saturday is housekeeping day. This week I've been on something of a blitzkrieg against the accumulation of household junk, and tomorrow much of it will be off to the dump.

There's also some shopping to be done - including a widescreen LCD TV scouting mission...

The clear out is part of a wider change we are planning presently, of which I expect to be posting more soon.

The other big news this weekend is the return of a couple of past heroes to scenes of former glory.

I'd imagine many Celtic fans will be rubbing their eyes in disbelief as Steven Pressley takes to the field at Tynecastle clad in the famous green-and-white hoops of Celtic - possibly as captain!

The inevitable vitriol that will pour down from the foul inhabitants of that miserable stadium will probably do more to cement Pressley's status within the Celtic support than anything he could do himself.

Much as there's been many misgivings about the signing of a previous foe, I'd expect most Celtic fans will be relish rubbing Jambo noses in the dirt. I'll probably be cheering them on from the local pub.

The other big return is that of Walter Smith to Rangers.

An eloquent and persuasive article over at eTims admirably dissects the hypocrisy and bias within the Scottish sporting press that has characterised their coverage of Walter walking out on the national team.

Much as this coverage gets up my nose in the short term, just like in poker there's a longer game to be played. One in which I welcome the continual fawning and grovelling of the Scottish press at the feet of Sir 'Dodgy' David Murray.

Was he really knighted for services to Celtic!?

The longer the press allow Murray a free ride in the papers, the further ahead Celtic will surge. Leaving our previous rivals as mere wannabes scrabbling to catch up.

All of which inspired me to seek out a precious clip from Walter's previous managerial reign at Ibrox, in which he snaps under questioning from the nonentity that is Chick Young, when asked to explain another Rangers humiliation in Europe.

Cheer up Walter. Never mind justifying losses to the likes of AEK Athens. This season it's more likely to be Motherwell spanking you.

Finally, a big up to Andy Ward - whose articles on SNG and tourney strategy are always instructive reading. He jetted over from rainy England and took down a WPT Event in Tunica.

Nice work if you can get it.

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