Thursday, October 04, 2007

That's Why They're Champions

I've got a lot of time for people who conduct themselves with dignity, and display some self respect in their actions.

So, hats off to Adriano Galliani, Carlo Ancelotti, Clarence Seedorf, and AC Milan in general - with the obvious exception of diddy Dida - for their reaction to last night's fiasco at the Celtic game.

It's not as if the three points are insignificant to them. With Shakhtar Donetsk winning again, the group is wide open.

I'm sure Milan will expect to qualify, but it's not guaranteed yet. For Milan to be so forceful about their lack of desire for a replay or points deduction for Celtic shows a degree of class that many in football wouldn't even aspire to.

That's the joy of being in the Champions League and competing with the true giants of the game. It takes more than great players to make a club great.

As for the arsehole who tangled with Dida, the papers are reporting that he has handed himself in to the police. Possibly the wisest thing he's done in a long time since he will probably be safer in a cell, than on the streets at present.

I'd love to know what the police and stewarding bill was for last night, and whether Celtic will be getting a discount.

What a farce that someone can meander across the pitch, get involved with the opposition keeper, then melt into the crowd without a single uniform laying a finger on him.

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