Friday, October 05, 2007

Vegas Resolutions

The last Div trip to Vegas was a relatively cultured affair.

Sightseeing, Grand Canyon, shows. We did fit in some gambling and drinking, but hardly on an epic scale.

This time, it's gonna be different...

Not that I'm planning to spend the entire time in a drunken stupor. I do have some resolutions to try to give a little order to the time.

Dos -

Play lots of poker. Not just No-Limit Hold Em. Try to fit in at least one or two other live variants for the first time.

Rollercoasters/theme rides. Last time I made it to NYNY. This time I'm aiming to catch up on the ones I missed. Especially the ones at the top of The Stratosphere. Adrenaline junkie am I.

Get out-and-about. I fancy a visit to The Gambler's Book Shop.

Learn to play craps. Speaker has promised to teach me. This may impact negatively on Don't no. 1.

Eat reasonably well. Man cannot live on JD and coke alone.

Chill. I'm there to have fun. If some loon cracks my Aces with 83 sooted, I'll smile, reload, have another drink, and tip the waitress a little extra for karma.

Don't -

Go busto! Obviously.

Spend every minute at the poker table.

Come home with a 'poker player tan'. I've booked two hotels with decent pools for a reason.

Miss any flights. Fly 5500 miles on Monday/Tuesday. Back at work on Wednesday. Any delays will be a recipe for disaster.

Get drunk and wake up married to Britney.

1 comment:

Betty Underground said...

Just give Speaker your money, and he will magically double it playing craps.

Don't ask how - just give in to the magic.