Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fate Is A Fickle Thing

A few days ago I posted a link to a blog about eBay cheat Amir Massoud Tofangsazan.

At the time I just wanted to give the blog a little boost in the Google index, since it seemed like a worthy cause. Smart, witty guy outsmarts low-life fraudster and low-grade sex offender(and possible terrorist sympathiser).

Well, it seems I needn't have bothered since, judging by the site hit counter and comments, the news has spread far and wide very rapidly.

Amir is suddenly a very, very famous young crook.

Simultaneously, and completely oblivious to these events, the latest desperate collection of delusional exhibitionists and morons have settled into the Big Brother house.

Given the choice, I'd see and hear nothing more from any of them. Unfortunately for me, Mrs Div is somewhat addicted to this car crash TV, hence I can't avoid it.

Each of these people craves only one thing. Fame.

Not fame of the best player in Europe; mesmerising actress; brilliant scientist type - just fame of the 'do you know who I am' variety.

For most of them, it's a forlorn hope. They will get their 15 minutes, but ultimately the odds are they will drift back to their mediocre lives, to be remembered only as that psychotic girl who got shagged under a table live on TV, that really ignorant guy who pissed in the kitchen bin, that really, really stupid one (multiple cases), etc.

They will have a few weeks of parties, premieres, and interviews, but eventually the invites will dry up, and it will be back to the job pages for them.

Some of them do manage to forge alternative careers, as porn TV presenters or topless models.

Very rarely one of them gets sickeningly lucky and morphs into a Jade Goody type media 'celebrity' of the kind famous only for being famous, but shit happens. Sometimes rapists win the lottery.

From some reports, there's a fair chance a few of them will end up (even more) psychologically damaged, and of even less use to society than they already are.

What's certain is they will be nowhere near as famous and well remembered as they fervently desire to be.

Meanwhile, Amir wishes he could say the same. Such is life.

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Matt7184 said...

Cheers Div will see you saturday. Im only playing the hu malarky not bankrolled for the £100 rebuy anymore :|