Saturday, May 13, 2006


No WSOP seat for me in the Virgin blogger freeroll.

I tend to play all freerolls pretty aggressively, and I also tend to make a habit of running into people who cannot put down middle pairs.

Presumably they find it as easy to make loose calls, as I find it to make aggressive plays. Two sides of the same coin.

Sometimes that's good. AK stacking 99 on a KKx flop! Sometimes it's bad. KJ v 66 who calls bets on every street.

Last night was bad. I just could not make a guy put down 99 against my unimproved AQ.

Which was a shame, since Virgin had laid on a really good structure, so pissing away half my stack on a semi-bluff was somewhat careless.

On the river, I made what I thought was a good bet. I pretty much had the guy on a middle pair, and I thought he would have me on either two overs or a higher pair.

There was also a missed 1-card club flush draw - I had the queen of clubs, which was one of the reasons I kept pushing the hand.

A 2/3 pot bet left me with around half my chips and looked like I was milking the hand. The only other plausible bet was all-in, but I felt that smelled too much of a busted draw, and was actually easier to call than the smaller bet.

After that, I managed to steal my way back to average chips, then lost most of them with top pair and an OESD v 2-pair. Wasn't my night for hitting the community cards.

The coup de grace was swift. A steal with the mighty 42s running into Aces.

Well, my cards were certainly live.

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