Tuesday, May 02, 2006

April Summary

Although my last few posts have pretty much covered it, for the sake of consistency and completeness I've decided to maintain the traditional monthly summary post.

In short, I made a statistically insignificant profit for the month. If the fates were kinder, it would have been a whole lot more.

So I'm still stuck for the year, but I've whittled the overall loss down to a couple of hundred dollars.

On the whole my game has been pretty good. I'm planning to persevere with LHE for the next month, and have earmarked turn play with overcards as something to work on.

I've got more thoughts on how the month went that are worthy of their own post. So expect that soon.

I also restarted my fitness regime this month, for health rather than aesthetic reasons.

Some thoughts on that will probably be forthcoming - though shoot me if this turns into a 'this week I lost 2lbs, and my 30" waist jeans fit me again' blog.

For now I'm off to play some cards and wallow in the uncommonly early end to the SPL season.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, just don't pull a Seinfeld and scratch off the number on your jeans so it looks like a 30 instead of a 33.


TripJax said...

that was me as anonymous...