Thursday, October 12, 2006


I imagine over the past few days the Party Gaming executives must have experienced similar emotions to mine tonight, as I watched a couple of the most appalling calling stations ever to venture onto the Internet bleed off their entire stacks to the vultures at my table.

Pausing only momentarily to hit their ludicrous draws on the river against me. Sigh.

Fortunately they were stupid enough that after check-calling the whole way, they didn't bet out on the end when they hit. Which saved me a few pennies.

I've been on a nice run this week too. Damn you variance!

On a more serious note, I bet the guy who invented Party Casino, integrated blackjack, and betting on the flop colour isn't feeling too clever tonight.

It seems the 'pure play' poker rooms feel less threatened by the new law than the mixed casino-poker sites.

The lawyers will be back to the luck v skill debate in the courts at some point I imagine.

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