Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Man Who??

Still basking in the events of last night. I'm way too chilled to play poker.

At the end of the game I was physically shaking. Weak from the emotional drain.

A couple of after match pints weren't enough to return me to a state of calm. I finished off the remnants of a bottle of Southern Comfort once home, and didn't sleep til after 2a.m.

The baby awoke at seven, so it's been a long day! One where I had to resist the temptation to purchase every newspaper and lock the back (and front) pages away for posterity.

It's difficult to convey the drama and exhilaration of last night. The overwhelming explosion of noise and jubilation when Shunsuke Nakamura arrowed in that amazing free kick, and Artur Boruc saved Louis Saha's penalty.

I've been searching You Tube but mostly it's the same anodyne clips culled from the TV. Then I found this mobile phone footage...

A great viewpoint but terrible quality. I think you'll get the idea though!

For a better quality idea of what it felt like, this clip from the end of the game is the best there is. Especially when the commentator shuts up, and leaves it to the fans.

As if it were needed here is final confimation that the Martin O'Neill era is gone, and the Gordon Strachan era established. Oasis no more, Roll With It discarded, to be replaced by a local band, The Fratellis, with a song somewhat surrealy entitled Chelsea Dagger.

Altogether now 'doop da da doop....'

That's enough videos for one night!

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