Thursday, November 16, 2006

Farewell But Not Goodbye

In tribute to the passing of the little big man I was going to kick off tonight with a chunk of Dylan Thomas, 'Rage, rage against the dying of the light', etc..

My instinctive reserve got the better of me, since this is I suspect, more of a farewell than a goodbye.

I haven't met many bloggers in person, but the Blogfather was the first, and a thoroughly fine person he is too. Entertaining company, and selfless in his sheltering of a wildly drunk lost traveller.

One area of conversation we talked through was the best staple game for making a steady living online.

Through the drunken haze, I can vaguely recall enthusing over my good form at the PLO cash tables. Iggy counselled otherwise, suggesting Limit Hold Em was definitely the favoured bread-and-butter game.

As it happens, he was probably correct at the time, but I feel events have overtaken that point of view.

For the last few nights I've been plugging away at the No Limit Hold Em tables on Tribeca. Truly the standard is mind bendingly bad.

Of course I must say I've been fortunate to avoid any heinous bad beats - most of my big pairs holding up - and I've been playing cautiously enough to avoid going broke with TPTK type hands, but really candy and babies spring to mind.

I know, pride comes before a fall, etc. No doubt the poker gods are lining up an extensive array of gutshot draws and runner-runner flushes, even as I type.

The fact remains, a good percentage of the players are truly woeful.

I've only recently got around to reading the whole of Super System II, in which Doyle Brunson opines at one stage that as tables get towards being ten handed things can rock up, and the action dies.

The Doyle's Room punters obviously haven't read the proprietors work! Tribeca tables are nine handed and the action is on the great side of good.

Throw in a little rakeback courtesy of RakeTheRake and it's a thoroughly worthwhile way to spend an hour of two in the evening.

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