Saturday, February 24, 2007

Clearing The Decks

Just wanted to put up a quick post before commencing battle tonight.

The last couple of nights that I've played have been a real downer. I've left nine successive tables in the red.

Which has been enough to erase a decent monthly profit, leaving me precisely $1 to the good for February.

It's fair to say I can now conclusively draw a line under a pretty good streak that lasted from December until last week.

Looking back on the losing sessions has been quite instructive. I didn't get stacked once across any of the tables. It's just been a succession of missed flops and outdraws leading to a steady bleeding of chips.

Having spent half an hour looking at the biggest pots I lost, there is only one where I think I made a bad move. I 'floated' on the co-ordinated flop - having missed my hand - with the intention of trying to win the pot if a scare card fell on the turn.

The perfect scare card did indeed fall, but my attempt to steal was met with an all-in reraise from an obvious big pair. So, not a terrible move, but clearly the wrong opponent to try it on.

Which also goes to show the value of flopping sets against big starting hands. So many people cannot fold an overpair in any circumstances.

Other than that it's just been a case of flopping draws that miss, not hitting sets with middle pairs, and being the victim of a nasty sequence of flush draws hitting for opponents.

Nothing too drastic, but cumulatively enough to have me in the doldrums to an extent.

Back to the table tonight, with a faint hope the poker gods owe me a few decent flops.

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