Monday, February 19, 2007

Table Chat

Quite an entertaining weekend at the tables.

Played a big session on Friday and had one of my best ever winning nights. Followed up with a short session and smaller win on Saturday; before rounding off with a big losing night on Sunday.

Sunday actually brought a new experience for me.

The guy who was so bad I had to delete a player from my Tribeca buddy list in order to add his name - they only allow 30 on the list - was merrily relieving me of my cash through a succession of horrific flush chasing calls that never missed.

After losing two big pots on successive hands to him, I noticed he was being berated by another player. Don't tap the tank is my motto - I hadn't said a word.

I checked to see if the other guy had lost a big pot to him previously, only to realise the berater wasn't even at the table!

Yep, some random railer couldn't bite his lip and was verbally pounding on my latest buddy. I was annoyed and amused in almost equal measure.

Rather than dwell on the negative, lets accentuate the positive with a hand I enjoyed from Friday night.

Some time ago I read a post by Peter Birks about the language of poker. Raise = 'I have aces', Reraise = 'No, I have aces', etc.

On Friday I had one of those conversations where, as Peter says, the other guy must have heard me but just wasn't listening.

There's no great strategy in this hand, and the only difference from several hands I played on Sunday is the river, but it's worth recalling the good ones when those nasty rivers fall at other times.

Let's join the conversation...

Hand Start.
Seat 1 : 77east has $8.50
Seat 3 : PatStewart has $64.87
Seat 4 : Villain has $49.88
Seat 5 : RECTUM21 has $121.25
Seat 6 : DonkSniper has $98
Seat 7 : engy has $98.75
Seat 8 : Deeky has $142.63
Seat 9 : Hero has $107.50
PatStewart is the dealer.
Villain posted small blind.
RECTUM21 posted big blind.
Game [89468] started with 8 players.
Dealing Hole Cards.

Seat 9 : Hero has

DonkSniper folded.
engy folded.
Deeky folded.
Hero called $1 and raised $2
I say: 'I like my hand'
77east folded.
PatStewart called $3
Villain called $2.50
He says: 'I like mine too'
RECTUM21 called $2
Dealing flop.
Board cards

Villain bet $2
He says: 'I have a draw'
RECTUM21 folded.
Hero called $2 and raised $9
I say: 'Gonna cost you more than that to hit it'
PatStewart folded.
Villain called $9
He says: 'I got money'
Dealing turn.
Board cards  

Villain bet $2
He says: 'I STILL have a draw!'
Hero called $2 and raised $32
I say: 'I know'
Villain has 10 seconds to respond.
Villain called $32
He says: 'I feel lucky'
Dealing river.
Board cards   

Villain bet $1.88 and is All-in
He says: 'You missed a couple'
Hero called $1.88
I say: 'Cheers'
Seat 9 : Hero has

Seat 4 : Villain has

Villain has Two Pair: Jacks and 8s
Hero has Two Pair: Aces and 8s
Hero wins $102.76 with Two Pair: Aces and 8s
Hand is over.

To be fair, he did catch enough of a hand on the flop that I can see why he didn't want to let it go easily, but once that raise comes in, and out of position, I'd reckon he has to make a push/fold decision right there.

I'd push against all but the rockiest - and I wouldn't have bet into them.

Equally, I don't always go that crazy with TPTK, but there's certain players and certain betting patterns that make for a very clear conversation.

The difference between the good players and the bad players is that good players pay attention to what the other guy is saying, and don't fall in love with the sound of their own voice.

Remember, it's not just your iPod you should be listening to at the table. If the other guy is giving you a warning, perhaps you should heed it.

Then again, maybe he's bluffing. Deciphering THAT conversation is where the real fun starts!

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