Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back On Track

I hope!

Finally posted a winning session last night. A mighty $50 profit.

Which isn't great, but it's a start. Particularly when you consider:

I started the night losing a buy-in to a 2-outer when a known wildman/bluffer type tried to make a move on me.

I chopped a pot against Mr Cannot Fold when my set v his two pair was negated by the board making a straight.

Just a few hands later on another table, my AA fails to defeat JJ when the board makes a straight. Again!

ffs those last two felt worse than genuine bad beats. Once is bad, twice in a few minutes just makes you think it's time to give up and become a professional bingo player.

All of which made a profit - any profit - feel like a victory of Olympian proportions.

So I laid my $400 of missed opportunities to bed, and settled for what I had.

The other thing I noticed last night was the dramatic decline of traffic on Tribeca as their phased migration to iPoker got underway.

I'd imagine for a week or so the remaining Tribeca sites will become almost unplayable, but conversely iPoker will start to climb the Poker Site Scout rankings.

When the migration is complete it should be an even happier hunting ground - alas on a poorer GUI. I'm hoping the poorer user experience will be compensated by the old adage that good players hate bad software, so perhaps sharks will be even thinner on the ground.

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Dremeber said...


I know the feeling about bad beats.
Lost 3 times with Pocket Pair AA in one evening. Makes you wonder if there is a shit list and they decided to put you on top of the list.

Feel free to add your blog to the poker blog listing I'm trying to set-up.