Thursday, March 01, 2007

February Summary

Or to give this post it's alternative title - Thank God For Rakeback

Yes, after much wailing, whining, and general despair, your hero finally hacked his way through the lemming hordes to find himself on the final day of the month within sight of break even.

At which point he thought 'I wonder how my rakeback is doing', and was astounded to find over $100 ready for dispersal - putting him a mighty $20 in the black for the month.

Which was motivation enough to shut down the tables and declare the month over.

What a rollercoaster. After cruising into a $400 mid-month profit without breaking sweat, I got a brutal reminder of the variance aspect of poker. Enough to put me off pontificating on the luck v skill argument for, oh, a few days maybe.

Still all's well that ends well, and while I won't be investing my profit in the deposit for a new house just yet, it's always nice to see black rather than red on the spreadsheet.

I've been a real sourpuss on these pages for the last few weeks, but I subscribe to the school of thought that it's better to post consistently, rather than abandon the blog when the going gets tough, for fear of turning it into one long bad beat tale.

While some of these posts may be a little monotonous and painful to read, I'd rather give a true account, than pop up intermittently when there's a profit to be advertised.

It's just as valid to share the bad times as the good, and I hope getting it all down here will make me a better player, and if it helps anyone else who stumbles across my musings, so much the better.

Remember if you are looking for a Rakeback deal, I've always had great service from Rake The Rake. If you decide to sign up, tell them who sent you (

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