Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't Go Back To Liverpool

I wish I had more time to fully write up the trip report from the weekend, but festivities, speech writing, and work are all getting in the way.

It was like one long pilot for a very dark comedy. Think Very Bad Things meets The Football Factory.

For now, the executive summary:


- drunkest train journey ever
- night on the town
- burgled by Scousers (iPods, phones, cash, etc. stolen)


- crap football
- attacked by a Scunthorpe casual (slightly puffy jaw sustained)
- night on the town
- the Scousers try again


- slow train to Glasgow
- worlds most flatulent dog
- more football casuals

On the plus side, I've won four entries to the Mansion $100k guaranteed courtesy of BlondePoker. Currently trying to edge my way towards that juicy $24k first prize, though just had an accident with AQ on a Q high flop.

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