Monday, April 02, 2007

March Summary

Another month, another rushed summary.

One of the paradoxes of writing a blog is the most interesting times leave the least time for actually writing them up, and of course when I have ample time for the blog, I have bugger all to write about.

March was another month of swings. I kicked off with a couple of big wins - by my standards - then meandered through a series of peaks and troughs, which ultimately left me another $300 to the good.

In a strange sort of way, the most satisfying session was one where I ran into a series of evil beats, yet only ended up $20 down.

Until I totted up the numbers post-session, I was convinced I'd taken a severe kicking, as the big numbers in my head related only to monster pots I'd lost.

So to find myself pretty close to break-even felt like a genuine victory. I'd obviously snaffled a lot of compensatory small pots along the way.

I also managed to sneak in another live game - but that's for another post, if I have the time!

There are three Dell boxes in my hallway, and despite the fact I've been home for four hours they remain unopened, which in itself tells a story.

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