Sunday, April 08, 2007


Not a fun weekend on the poker front.

I got massacred on PokerStars on Friday, and rolled over and used as a lady by the motley crew that populate Everest Poker tonight.

The clearest sign I've ever seen that I am running bad has to be when the highlight of the poker weekend is (correctly) folding Kings in multiway pre-flop action.

That was on Stars on Friday night. The third guy in the pot was an optimist with 99 who missed.

Folding Kings on Stars is difficult. On Everest, I'd say it was impossible.

Tonight I managed to get an entire buy-in committed pre-flop with Aces versus a maniac who re-reraised all in with QTs.

He made a straight, but fortunately five spades on the board, and not a single one between us, meant a split pot.

Running bad sign number two - being relieved to split a pot with Aces.

Other than that, I ran Queens into Kings, Queens into Aces, missed a whole load of draws, and generally couldn't buy a winning hand.

I could go on-and-on about the play on Everest, but with time limited tonight, the best description I can come up with is that it's like being a participant in a docu-drama entitled 'Party Poker, the Early Years'.

For those non-US readers, I'd definitely recommend getting over there and checking it out.

Just be aware that you really need to catch cards to win pots, and I promise some of the beats will push your tilt tolerance to new levels.

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