Monday, May 14, 2007

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

...we have lift off.

newmulti table monitor
It's symptomatic of the way things have been going recently that I splurge on a powerful new PC, and great 24" monitor, with the express purpose of multi-tabling and playing much more poker, then promptly go three weeks without a single hand of online poker.

All of which is about to change. Not only is the PC and monitor in place, but I've migrated to a new host for the Linux/PostgreSQL back-end for PokerTracker.

Saturday was the first trial of the new system, and it ran like a dream. Super smooth, even with email, RealPlayer, etc. running on the main PC.

Prior to the unplanned break, I'd managed to comfortably play four tables on Everest, and even had a crack at six. Four was perfectly bearable, but six got a bit much.

Several hands were sat out due to missed cues from the software causing me to time out. Much as the players on Everest are terrible, the software is not ideal for multi-tabling.

I was tempted back to PokerStars on Saturday night by their reload bonus. With double FPP also on offer I managed to clear a decent chunk of it on the first night, and wound up in black at the tables too.

Being a bit rusty, I didn't push myself too hard. Four tabling on Stars proved to be very simple. I was in cruise control all night. So, I'm planning to push it harder tonight by experimenting with six tables, which should look something like the shot above.


Jack Dashed said...

How on earth do you manage so many tables? I gave up at two! Swapping between a sit-and-go and a cash game is just not my cup of tea; having to switch between playing styles (the cash players were tight, the sit and go players were obviously quaffing speed) and also observing the standard wisdom of reasonably tight play on SnGs and slightly looser, aggressive play in cash all meant I got into a right pickle.

I don't play six games in a weekend let alone in one hit.

Good luck anyway..!


Div said...

Jack I always multi-table the same game types - so presently I'm experimenting with six $0.50/$1 no limit hold em tables.

The software on Stars is definitely more multi-table friendly, and it helps that I've got a new PC too. No more untimely freezes as Pokertracker loads another batch of hand histories, just as I get reraised on a dodgy flop.

Jack Dashed said...

Okay, that makes some sense. Playing the same type of game doesn't require so much mental readjustment.

Of course there's added confusion when you're playing a cash game, a sit and go and a tournament and most of the people in each are actually the same people because they're all multi-tabling too!