Wednesday, May 02, 2007

April Summary

Not a lot to report for April really. I'm going through one of those periods where whenever I feel I'm getting on top of things, something unexpected arises to absorb all my spare time.

Consequently poker was at a minimum. So much so, that when I was lucky enough to win four free entries to the Mansion $100k guaranteed, I only had time to play three of them.

During which I twice lost while well ahead when the chips went in (top set v straight draw, and AKs v Q4o. Yes, really!!).

Even worse, on the third occasion, I was in the early stages of the game when I got a phone call demanding my urgent attendance for a pre-wedding outfit try out. Causing me to play like a wild man in an unsuccessful attempt to accrue enough chips to fold through the period when I was out of the house. Now THAT is a bad beat!

Another reminder of why I don't play tournament poker. I just can't set aside that much time right now.

Thanks to Mansion and Blonde Poker for the freeroll, and apologies for not taking it more seriously!

Much as I'm not a tournament player, I can still spot value a mile off, and that tourney is V.A.L.U.E. So many bad players, but it would take a lengthy run at it to overcome the inevitable variance.

Other than that, I lost a couple of buy-ins on Everest Poker. Like Mansion, the standard is execrable, but it really takes some persistence to get over the variance hump.

I've been at this long enough to recognise what's happening. In December/January I played quite well but also ran well. Hit some nice flops, and got paid.

On Everest I've been playing OK, but missing flops, or getting sucked out on. That's life.

No complaints, just a yearning to have more time to exploit these people before they go bust.

One quick example hand...

Raise with AA and get one caller from the blinds. Flop top set on a 3 clubs board.

Manage to get it all-in on the flop, with an acceptance that I may be behind, but am way more likely to be ahead of something like AK-AJ with a club kicker, and whatever the situation I still have outs to a full house.

Am absolutely delighted when the idiot shows AQo - no clubs. Just as I'm counting the cash, the board makes a flush for a split pot. Ugh, a 2%-er.

With luck like that, it doesn't feel too bad to be only about $200 down. For it will surely come back my way once I get some time at the tables.

Poker aside, the house renovations are almost finished. The culmination of which is the installation of one of these babies.

Woowhoo! I may bitch about my work sometimes, but it does have it's upside...

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