Monday, May 21, 2007


Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's that slightly off packet of roasted peanuts I started but didn't finish, maybe it's the bang on the head I got off an over exuberant toddler at the weekend.

Whatever the reason, I had a really daft thought last night. I could make Supernova on PokerStars.

The trigger for this ridiculous thought was the realisation that I'd burned through 1000 FPPs in what felt like a comparatively short session.

99 more sessions like that and I'd be a made man, in a manner of speaking! Throw in the fact I'm only at silver just now and the multiplier factor has a way to go yet.

Realistically I can't see myself being that focused over a year, but it's a real eye-opener the difference a couple of concentrated sessions of six tabling can make to the FPP balance.

As for the bankroll, so far the results are fairly positive too.

Peter Birks mentioned a while back that it's possible for two players to have wildly different results, different perceptions of their win rate, but identical results when viewed over a lengthy period of time.

The winning grinder will post lots of small wins, and occasional losses. The winning LAG will veer wildly between multi buy-in wins and losses.

Anyone who has observed me grind my way through a live tournament, and tutted at my nitty style, would likely find themselves gawking in disbelief if they found me at a cash table.

My cash game style being more blitzkrieg than trench warfare.

Playing six tables hasn't changed my results on a per table basis, but it's brought more stability to my hourly session rates. I'm still posting a multiple wins and losses, but the peaks and troughs have levelled out somewhat, and the trend is upwards.

Equally I feel that my game is in a nice balance. Whereas six tables on Everest was a rush, six on PokerStars seems quite manageable.

The boredom factor is low, which means I no longer find myself making silly UTG raises with trash on the grounds it's deceptive, when really it's just because I haven't had a playable hand for ten minutes.

All of which has combined to have my fairly limited time at the table this month making a decent impression in the cost of that flashy monitor.

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