Thursday, March 17, 2005

Back In The Saddle

No poker for three whole days. What is the world coming to? To be fair, the lost poker time has been well spent.

I've been on a DIY frenzy, putting units together to store my ever expanding collection of poker books, as well as assorted other paraphernalia. Most people hate DIY, but I actually enjoy it. Work at the moment is a real grind, and I get a sense of satisfaction from actually doing something which is productive in a very real sense, rather than the ephemeral and sometimes, I feel, mythical, productivity of my 'proper' work.

Lots more DIYing to come, as the baby eta draws closer.

For my endeavours, I awarded myself a night at the pub to watch the Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Celtic game on Setanta last night. Well worth a few pints. More Aiden McGeady magic; Craig Bellamy integrating nicely into the team; and three points in the bag. Heck, we even got a penalty from Hugh Dallas!

Returning home with a Tennents fuelled glow warming my innards, I decided to launch a smash-and-grab on Full Tilt Poker. Still grinding that bonus!

45 minutes of 2/4 Hold Em for a $61 profit. If my hourly rate was that consistent, 'real' work would be history by now. Hand of the session was seeing a cheap flop with QJs, flopping top pair with Q kicker. Bet, raised, called. Turn was a J. Bet, raised, raised, called. River was another J. Quads! Funnily enough they only called that bet. Nice way to round off a very pleasant evening.

I do think Full Tilt is gradually loosening up. I certainly seemed to get more action with my good cards last night. Long may it continue.

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