Thursday, March 10, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

Congratulations! You've earned 100 Full Tilt Points!

That makes you eligible for our $10K World Series of Poker Championship Event Freeroll tournament!

The Freeroll will be held this Saturday, March 12th at 4:30PM ET and you don't even need to sign yourself up. Just look under the 'Special' tab in the Main Lobby and you'll find that you're already registered!

Good luck and maybe we'll see you at the World Series this summer!

Team Full Tilt

Mmmhhmmmm. Now THAT is the sort of email I like to get from poker sites. I didn't even realise there was such a thing as a WSOP freeroll!!

Now all I have to do is beat 1999 other Full Tilt grinders and I'll be back in Vegas. Easy peasy.

I've entered one other tournament on Full Tilt. Can you guess what it is yet? Nay?

Of course it's the World Poker Bloggers Tour HORSE tournament this Sunday. I'm not a superstitious person, but when I finished a 2/4 session earlier this week, checked the cashier, and discovered I had EXACTLY $666, I had to do something. It was late at night, and I wouldn't have slept otherwise. So, I coughed up the $5 and signed up. That's not to say I wouldn't have signed up anyway, but it certainly moved it to the top of my Things To Do list.

Unfortunately, there are a few minor issues with my intended participation. Such as: not knowing how to play razz; never having played stud online; and the damn tournament kicking off at 2a.m. (UK time) on Monday morning, when I get up for work at 6.30a.m.

If you are at my table and I get involved in a hand, it will mean one of two things: either I've got a monster, or I've totally misunderstood the rules. Try reading that comrades! Time to hit the play money tables.

I've not yet worked out how to overcome the latter of these issues. So I may, or may not, see you at the tables. If I do, it will be with a copy of Peter Arnold's How to Play Poker on my lap, and a VERY big cup of coffee beside me. Truly I am a (man)child of the Hold 'Em poker boom.

One final note. I've been rather busy with non-poker stuff this week, so haven't done much playing or blog reading. Work, pah! Home game tomorrow, hurrah!

When I checked my Sitemeter stats, my initial reaction was I'd accessed the wrong site records. All these visitors, from all locations - why where they here? Then I checked the referrals page. Guinness And Poker, Guinness And Poker, Guinness And Poker......

So cheers Iggy. When I win that freeroll, I'll buy you a barrel of Guinness in Vegas this summer! To the rest of you, I say 'Welcome'. Good to have you on board. Come to Scotland and I'll buy you at least a pint of Guinness in one of our casinos.

Happy gambling.

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April said...

We're all dead money in that tourney, don't worry. If anyone wins but Felicia, it'll be by dumb luck alone!