Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Bad: I've been a bad blogger this week. Too much work, too many home related matters - pram shopping, bathroom fitting, wallpaper picking, etc. means very little poker playing time. I am way behind for the month as a whole.

More Bad: I can't reconcile time demands and timezone differences to match up with tonight's HORSE tournament, so I've withdrawn from that. I'd really like to play but the numbers don't add up.

The Ugly: I played like a buffoon in the WSOP freeroll. Tried to be aggressive from as early as possible - since the blinds were increasing every 10 minutes - and ran into KK with AKs. No improvement, and out.

The Good: Good home game on Friday night. Much beer, two really competitive games. A win in the first game, and bad beaten into 3rd place in the second game. AJ v QT and a J on the river, but the J also completed a straight for my opponent. Grrr. Overall the standard of play is definitely improving.

More Good: Cooled my heels after the freeroll fiasco with some 2/4 Hold 'Em. AsQs in the hole, and a flop of KsJsTs. TWO Royal Flushes within 6 weeks! Someone bet from EP and along with another caller we made it to a showdown, which was nice.

The Best: Celtic 6 Dunfermline 0. Dunfermline chairman John Yorkston is a twat of the highest order, so it was nice to give his team a complete gubbing.

Even nicer was the style of victory. Free flowing, skillful, pacy, adventurous. Truly 'The Glasgow Celtic Way'.

I think it was Alf Garnett who said 'Football is ballet for the working classes'. Well, if that is the case, Aiden McGeady must be the new Nureyev. The kid is unbelievable. Two footed, agile, strong on the ball, and he moves with an effortless grace - so balanced he seems to set the laws of physics aside as he moves and turns. A joy to watch.

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