Saturday, March 19, 2005

No More Heroes?

Looks like The Stranglers were wrong.

I didn't agree with the invasion of Iraq at the time, and I've seen nothing since that has changed my mind, but I take my hat off to Johnson Beharry. Reading the citation for this guy's medal award is a humbling experience.

My cousin operates light armour and was in one of the first units into Basra. I know he also got into some interesting encounters in Kosovo. It's incredible to think the ordinary guy I know has probably experienced similar situations to the one described in this citation.

Just a shame that the Ministry of Defence (currently employing more civil servants than soldiers) can't actually send them the right equipment, ranging from desert boots to body armour to helicopters! Not so much 'lions led by donkeys' as lions fed by donkeys.

Soldiers get crap wages, so I hope Beharry gets himself a book and movie deal and makes enough to retire and provide for himself and his family. If there's one guy in the world who deserves it right now it's this guy.

It would make a pleasant change to see media money going to someone deserving, rather than the usual collection of reality TV morons and micro 'celebs' who infest our newspapers and television.

It's a frivolous comparison, but if giving someone a blowjob on live TV is the way to earn £1.5m, how much does Beharry deserve to earn for his endeavours.

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