Monday, April 25, 2005

Pass The Co-Codamol

My head REALLY hurts today. But it was worth it.

90 minutes of frenzied action, nine hours of boisterous drinking, and the league is (almost) back in Paradise. Mostly thanks to Craig Bellamy and Stilian Petrov. No thanks to Stuart Dougal - as I expected. If only all my predictions could be so accurate.

I'm always happier moaning about referees after we have won, since it negates the sour grapes accusations. Today is the ideal opportunity. For the second week in a row Celtic were denied a clear penalty. For the umpteenth time, Rangers got away with kicking the crap out of our key players.

Last time at Ibrox the red mist came down and the bait was taken. This time, Celtic answered back in the best possible way, with two great goals, a dominant performance, and ultimate victory.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping in the trees, and today the world feels a better place - despite the vice around my cranium.

The world of Scottish journalism also afforded me a chuckle, when they awarded the Sports Journalist of the Year prize to Keith Jackson. Yes, the same Keith Jackson who was duped into running a 4-month old internet hoax, perpetrated by a schoolkid, as an exclusive headline story. If he is the best, what does that tell you about the rest?

Bloglines was buzzing this morning. In my befuddled state I was initially surprised by this, but soon realised the reason. A blogger is on his was to the WSOP. Fantastic.

I've already ploughed through the writeups and they really whetted my appetite. If there's another tournament next Sunday I might manage to squeeze in, since I've got a late start on Monday morning. We shall see.

Not much poker news to report. I've had no time to play since my live action last Thursday. That sucks.

It's been a poor month for me so far. I've got a few days left to redeem myself and see if I can drag the bankroll back into profit. Lots of sanding, and maybe some painting, to do this week, but I'll try to set aside some table time.

The decorating is all geared towards the ever closer arrival of the first baby Div. I managed to attend Mrs Div's most recent midwife appointment, so got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Another moment to treasure. I'm getting awfully sentimental in my old age. Cooing over other peoples kids, and generally taking a more benign view of the world at large. Time to get back on the tables and brutalise some fish. There's a lot of stuff still to be paid for!

My sentimentality even extended to the photographs of Courtney Cox and David Arquette's christening of their child Coco. I received these the day the story broke, and actually felt quite guilty when I looked at them. There's a very 'real' feeling to them. No way are they fakes. Jennifer Aniston still looked VERY nice though.

One final snippet. The company who own Empire Poker are now planning a float, as are the company behind 888/Pacific Poker. Valuations of £500m($900m) and £800m($1450m) are being put on the businesses. Serious money!!

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