Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Thoughts

More good TV action from the British Poker Open last night. With the pros getting kicked into touch by the internet qualifiers.

Howard Lederer and Andy Bloch led the aggression early on, with Lederer knocking out Chris Ferguson and building a sizeable lead. But he was soon cut back down and ultimately it was Bloch versus two of the three qualifiers. I didn't note the name of the eventual victor, but think Comic Book Guy and you won't be far wrong.

These shorthanded winner takes all eliminators are real levellers. All the amateurs seem to be in with a shout.

The Party bonus is almost over, and I'm thinking about trying a little no limit cash gaming this weekend. Certainly there will be some form of NLH practise before Sunday's event. Which, incidentally, does seem to kick off at 1am UK time - so go easy on me.

In entertainment news, I see a few of my fellow bloggers are mourning the news of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise getting together. Personally, I can't stand Dawson's Creek - but did like Katie in Go.

I reckon they have nothing to worry about. This smacks of business rather than romance. In fact I'd go as far as to say there's as much chance of me getting it on with Penelope Cruz and Sofia Vergara simultaneously, as there is of Tom giving Katie the Big O.

It reminds me of a joke I read on scurrilous rumour site Popbitch. It went something along the lines:

Things to say to Tom Cruise at the Collateral premiere - 'You look great with a beard Tom. Why did you leave Nicole Kidman?'

Say no more!

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