Sunday, May 01, 2005

April Summary

April was a weird month.

Despite the fact that for most of it I felt like I'd just dropped the soap in the San Quentin shower, I actually emerged with a $245 profit. Not great, but better than losing.

Initially it was a continuation of the diabolical March downswing, but my luck gradually returned to more normal levels in the latter part of the month and I posted a few winning sessions. I still can't completely escape the crazy beats, but crazy beats need crazy opponents and that leads in the long term to +EV.

There can be a real difference between perception and reality when assessing ones own performance, so it's a godsend to have the Poker Tracker stats at hand to act as an impartial judge of my performance. After a few hours of despair, I can revisit the cards and determine whether it was bad luck or bad play bleeding away another chunk of bankroll.

So far as I can determine, I seem to be playing OK. Playing mainly low limit Hold Em, it's more about consistency of starting hand selection and not going crazy chasing the fish. There's certainly lots of room for improvement in my overall game, but on a 1/2 or 2/4 Party Poker table there's only so much you can do!

I still finished down overall on cards played - but all kneel and give praise to the great bonus god! I'm sure there's an analogy about bonus whores and kneeling in there somewhere.

My Neteller account is a succession of $500 withdrawals and $5xx deposits. Again highlighting the value of playing with an underpinning bonus.

The rollercoaster ride continues into the world of football. A triumphant victory for Celtic last weekend, superseded by a diabolical defeat today. The league is still in our own hands, but today's performance sent me home numbed at the awfulness of it. Both Celtic and Rangers seem to be stumbling, rather than striding, towards the finishing line. Let's hope Craig Bellamy's hamstring is healed by next weekend.

Fortunately things have been more stable on the baby front. Mrs Div is very tired but otherwise well. It's now at the stage where the baby's movements can be seen as well as felt, and she can feel exactly how the baby is positioned.

The home preparations are progressing well - primarily thanks to the future grandparents, who have dedicated days of effort to redecorating the house while Mrs Div and I toil at the office. Baby supplies are also being stockpiled, as we attempt to introduce an element of organisation to our previously haphazard shopping habits.

More shopping planned for Sunday, then hopefully an appearance at the WSOP qualifier. Not sure how I'd manage to fund the Vegas trip, or explain it to Mrs Div, in the unlikely event of actually winning! I'll cross that bridge if I come to it.

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