Monday, May 02, 2005


Not bad.

Got some great cards early which took me to this position. A monkey could have played my early hands - possibly played them better!

On Top Of The Pile - but not for long Posted by Hello

Then went card dead for a while. Stole a few blinds without meeting resistance. I'd made a decision beforehand to be really aggressive with no limping, and there wasn't. Every hand I opened, I raised.

I'd fallen back into the pack when I got into a race with The Poker Prof. His QQ v my AK. The QQ not only held up but improved to a set, putting me in very bad shape.

The very next hand I got AQ and saw Scott at Liquor In the Front, Poker In The Rear, go all in. I had him covered - just - and went all in too, since I figured this was as good as it was gonna get.

Joe from The Obituarium rapidly called with AhKh to put me in even worse shape. Scott had 99. Three hearts on the flop and it was all over.

At least it was quick! After 2am now, so time for bed!


Joe Speaker said...

Sorry 'bout that one, div.

Especially since I didn't put those chips to good enough use.

'Twas a good time, nonetheless.

PokerProf said...

I second Joe, good game :)