Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Some Random Stuff

Just a midweek stream of consciousness post. Move along now if you are looking for lucidity and structure.

On the poker front. Empire bonus = success. I dropped right down to the .5/1 tables to grind it off and made some money on the cards as well as bonus. It would have been more too, if it was not for for a bizarre sequence over the last 100 hands or so. No bad beats, just bad luck.

KK v AA v QQ (Q high flop!)
KK v AA (again)
Baby Boat v Daddy Boat
Set v Bigger Set

All compressed into about 30 minutes, as I was three tabling. Yeugh!

I can always console myself with some poker viewing. We now have TWO dedicated poker channels in the UK, as well as additional coverage on other channels. The Poker Channel (Sky 265) and Poker Zone (Sky 226) are the dedicated channels.

Poker Zone shows live internet poker every night! I've only been bored enough to watch this a few times, but some of the play can be eye wateringly bad. Almost in the so bad it's good viewing category.

I'm back on Party now, working on my latest bonus.

The poker bug has clearly bitten the Div household. Mrs Div is currently compiling her hospital bag, and along with the usual paraphernalia has added a pack of cards and a set of travel chips to the mix. This on the basis that she might be in labour for a while, and will want something to keep her occupied, so we will be playing poker apparently!

It's bad enough to lose heads up to her normally, but to lose heads up while she is in the midst of labour pains would be cruelly embarrassing! Could be difficult to get a read on her though. Is that expression a tell, or is another contraction starting? Hmmmm.......check!

Away from poker, I was thoroughly entertained by George Galloway v The US Senate committee. Not for nothing is Mr Galloway known as 'Gorgeous George' back home. If he were a cake, he would eat himself. I bet his house has a mirror in every room.

Usually I've no time for pompous self publicists, but he did make some good points, and made them in style. If politics were always so entertaining we might get bigger turnouts at election time.

Other than pompous politicians, I reserve a great deal of ire for annoying ringtone adverts. Sweety the Chick, Crazy Frog, etc. must die!! So, this made me laugh! (NB 100% NOT office friendly)

Annoying ringtones are predominantly targeted at what we refer to in Scotland as neds. The rest of the UK call them chavs. I'd guess the US equivalent would be trailer trash.

A prime example of ned communication skills can be found here. The whole office was rocking to this, but I do work in quite a laid back environment. Be warned it's even less office friendly than the last one! More f*cks than Tarantino. My favourite quote has to be 'I'm asking you nicely...'

Wow, this post almost turned out coherent. Result! More at the weekend...

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