Monday, May 23, 2005

Over and Over

Ugh. What a weekend. Time to dig out The Smiths back catalogue and wallow in self pity for a few days.

The poker was pretty incidental - though I did run into three beats in a row which I later calculated were a combined 48/1 to happen in succession. With the average pot over $30 I reckon that means the poker gods owe me $1500 of karma. If only it were that simple!!

That was but a gnat bite in comparison to the main story of the weekend. Celtic lost the Scottish Premier League to Rangers in the most sickening circumstances imaginable. Leading 1-0 against Motherwell with three minutes to go, they conceded the equaliser that cost them the title.

That in itself would be bad enough. Rewind a few weeks to Ibrox stadium and Celtic comprehensively outplaying Rangers to go five points clear with four games to play and the true extent of the disaster becomes clear.

Even more hurtful is the fact we could see it coming. The current team has done great service over the past five years, but is a declining force. Too many players are in their twilight years, the hearts remain strong, the will to win remains, but the legs are growing heavy.

This close season will be a crucial one, to determine whether we move forwards or backwards next season. Serious money needs to be spent.

One thing is certain. I, and tens of thousands of others, will remain a Celtic supporter. The club is bigger than any player, manager, or result. It's about more than football. It's a way or life; part of our culture. When we say we are supporters, that's exactly what we mean. Not fans for this season or last season only in a transient sense, drawn to the club by success, but supporters through thick and thin.

The club is in our blood, and will stay with us to our grave. Win, lose or draw we will always be Celtic supporters.

The eTims fanzine summed up the mood perfectly today. They simply published the lyrics of a classic club song 'Over and Over'. You can click through to see the full lyrics but for now all the players need to know is:

"When you need supporting, you will always know,
We'll be right there with you, every where you go."

That's what being a supporter is all about, and that's what we will continue to be.

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