Thursday, May 12, 2005

Cash In Hand

Not much to report so far this week, hence the inactivity on the blog. Still tremendously preoccupied with domestic issues and work. I need to get back to winning poker soon - have you seen the price of wallpaper!?!

What little poker time I've had has been directed at the Empire bonus - braving the scrutiny of the Empire bonus whore Gestapo to grind it off at the low limits. So far I am in profit by approximately one roll of wallpaper. There is a long way to go though!

In preparation for the bonus, I withdrew some cash from Full Tilt to Neteller. I had noted some comments by other bloggers who were critical of the Full Tilt performance in this respect, but I am happy to report the cash hit Neteller on the day I submitted the request.

The remainder of the week is likely to be more domestics, poker wherever possible, and a crucial Hearts v Celtic game on Sunday. The league may be over in England, but in Scotland it's still up for grabs. I expect to be a nervous wreck by Sunday evening! I will keep you posted.

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