Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Farewell Martin O'Neill

So farewell to Martin O'Neill, and thanks for the memories.

When he came to Celtic five years ago, we were on our knees. He gave us back our pride, our dignity, and our hope.

He gave us the 6-2 thrashing of Rangers, the whitewash season, and, of course, the UEFA Cup Final in Seville. All events that will go down in Celtic history. A new verse or two of The Willie Maley Song surely beckons.

Now he has to take those same qualities he gave to the team into his personal life, to help his wife Geraldine in her fight against that most insidious of diseases, cancer.

In stepping down from the job he loves, to care for the woman he loves, he once again shows his quality as a man, as well as a manager.

He goes with the best wishes of the entire Celtic community, and I'm sure he knows already, he truly will never walk alone.

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Joe Speaker said...

Ah, yes. I was sorry to have read that.

Martin was my first choice to replace Houllier (a good year and a half before the Frenchie got sacked).

Cheers and best wishes to he and his wife.