Monday, April 11, 2005

Whoring We Will Go

So, enough of the football/religion stuff. Back to the serious business of poker.

Until last night I'd gone poker free for over a week. Primarily due to a series of family and work related commitments. This has put me well behind my money making timetable, but was no disaster as I think I needed a break.

I broke the duck by signing up for Empire with a new pseudonym. It makes sense to mix my play up a little to incorporate more bonus whoring possibilities, and throw any avid data miners off the scent. Iggy got my Party sign up, so this time I decided to donate to Pauly. Maybe my rake will pay for a lapdance or two in Vegas.

After my downswing in the last Party Poker blitz, a gentle reintroduction at the $0.5/$1 tables was in order - with no multi-tabling.

I did manage to work off over 100 of the 500 hands required to clear the bonus, but returned a very small loss for the evening. The tone was set as early as the second hand of the evening. Dealt QQ. J high flop with two hearts. The BB had called my raise with QJs. They caught top pair and a four flush. Rivered the flush.

Not a bad beat, but not what I wanted to see after my recent experiences. Now I'm back in action, it's time to steel my nerves and play my way through the downswing to start accumulating cash again.

Away from the tables, I've added a few links to new blogs over to the right, and also restructured the links to incorporate a section on poker publications.

Since I'm based over in Europe, I wanted to introduce more of a European identity to the site. Sporting Life is as good a way as any to bring in some of that influence. The site has lots of good poker content, including excellent diaries and interviews with European pros. You can also click through to their coverage of other sports.

I've also added a link to English blogger Milkybarkid, who coincidentally is also interviewed in Sporting Life. He is not short of material to fill his blog! Check out the pic of him with Gus Hansen at the Monte Carlo EPT event, where one of them made the final table. Can you guess who?

One Scandinavian blogger also entered my radar, so he is linked up too. Since most Scandinavians speak better English than we Brits, I'm surprised I haven't found more Scandinavian blogs. Maybe they are all too busy reraising with J7s to write.

Of course, as I link up more people, it would be nice to get a few more inbound links! If you wish to link me up I'd be grateful if you linked me as "Poker, Pique and Parenthood" to help raise that Google profile.

It's a buzz to see the searches some people can reach the site on. I was pleasantly surprised to see someone found me when searching for Gametime+. A bona fide poker query hits my site!


Dr. Pauly said...

Hey man, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thanks for a great blog. As a fellow Scot who regularly embarks on the internet poker seesaw ride, I fully sympathise with those swings. Nice to see I'm not the only Scot enjoying poker out there.