Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dispatches From The Front

I really put the hex on Andy Black, huh?

In future, I'll keep my thoughts to myself. It's like the unwritten rule when following your football team - NEVER praise the performance of a defender or goalkeeper before the final whistle has blown, as it guarantees a blunder.

Equally when your strikers are having an off day, it's compulsory to bemoan their performance to all and sundry, as it almost assures a wonder goal.

A variation on the "they'll never hit us from th.." syndrome.

You may have noticed the blog has become somewhat content light of late.

Despite three weeks paternity leave, I have been up to my eyes in what can only be described as 'stuff'. No grand plans or schemes, just the everyday hand-to-mouth existence of looking after a new born.

Baby Div hasn't yet settled into a routine and she is keeping us up to all hours. I'm now back at work, and after a few days acclimatisation, my forehead is no longer resting on the keyboard by lunchtime.

I wouldn't change it for the world. However, it would be highly convenient to win the £66m (~$100m) National Lottery Euromillions rollover draw on Friday night.

Farewell work. Hello sleep!

Mrs Div is already back to within seven pounds of her pre-pregnancy weight. I thought this was super impressive, and was praising the benefits of breast feeding. Her response, 'It's nothing to do with breast feeding. I just haven't had time to eat.' Oops.

Poker is very much on the back burner. As is socialising of any kind. With the new football season approaching, my time allocation is going to be even more stretched.

In blog terms, this will probably mean more small posts, on very specific subjects, and occasional catch all posts to sweep up other topics.

Speaking of which, Grubby has a nifty ploy for casino bonus whoring, which I am taking advantage of presently. Who can say no to free money?

I'm reading Ray Zee's book on split pot gambling at present. It's filling in the train time nicely. Review to follow soon.

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