Saturday, July 16, 2005

WSOP 2005 Final Table

Watching the updates on Blonde Poker and Pauly's site, I'd heartily second the various requests for live TV coverage. Not that Pauly, Jen and Tikay are doing a bad job, just it seems so outdated, and unnecessary in this digital age.

I'm somewhat conflicted about who I want to win.

Part of me wants a well known pro to win, to reinforce the 'poker is a game of skill' argument. However, that would probably mean Mike Matusow, who isn't the perfect poker ambassador.

As a Scot, the closest I have to a hometown player is fellow celt Irishman Andy Black. He does have previous in the WSOP, finishing 14th in 1997.

So, for a combination of celtic connections, and skill, Andy Black will be getting my vote.

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