Thursday, July 07, 2005

How To Beat Islamic Terrorists

Sitting at home listening to the helicopters thudding overhead en route from Prestwick Airport to the G8 summit at Gleneagles, I was formulating a post about the ludicrousness of a bunch of anarchist mongs 'defeating global capitalism' by smashing up a Burger King and a few random cars on a Stirling council estate.

Today's events in London have made that post irrelevant. Obviously this is an al-Qaeda attack, aimed at the UK specifically and the democratic world in general.

No doubt you will all be as sickened by this as I am. You may even be wondering what you can do to beat these maniacs.

I sincerely hope the UK and our allies - let's face it we can hardly lean on any major power without the assistance of the USA - do not fall into the trap of picking a likely target - Syria or Iran probably - and bombing the crap out of them. Iraq and Afghanistan proves the pointlessness of that approach.

Instead, the best way to win this war is as follows:

If you live in the UK and were planning to take your girlfriend to a movie tonight; take her. If you were expecting to hit up your local card room with your friends; go play cards. Go to work at your normal time, using your normal transport.

Live your life and do not be afraid.

If you reside outside the UK, and have not yet booked a summer vacation, get over to the UK. Take in a London show, take a trip on the London Eye, visit Tate Modern. Get out of London and see the rest of the UK.

You can even fly to Scotland direct from the USA and take in some of that great countryside President Bush was referring to. Get to Glasgow from Chicago with American Airlines, from Philadelphia with US Airways, or fly from New York to Glasgow or Edinburgh with Continental.

Spend your dollars or euros over here and stick it right up these terrorists who try to rule by fear and intimidation. That's how to win this war.

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