Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Just had to post before bedtime.

I've just broken a punishing stint of six losing sessions by posting a profit tonight of, wait for it, ONE dollar.

Seriously, it feels good. I was down all night, until the last orbit when I actually stole a small pot to put me in 'profit'.

Back in October, I won twelve nights in a row without breaking sweat.

The last couple of evenings I've been Homer Simpson with tourette's syndrome. Random exclamations, outbursts, and rants to the monitor. As well as more visits to the fridge than usual.

I was beginning to think I'd never win another pot, and it was starting to REALLY hurt.

Maybe I got some good karma from railbirding Scottish Dave, as he turned $3 in a Stars rebuy satellite into a ticket to the Sunday night $750k guaranteed.

Nice one Dave. I hope you signed up through my link!

One guy on his starting table had 40 rebuys. Dave had none. You couldn't make it up.

God bless online poker.

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