Saturday, January 07, 2006

Why I Am Useless At Live Poker

A few of my posts in the last month or two have reported my crashing and burning in live MTTs - usually whilst attempting some sort of 'fancy move'.

This week I got a match report from fellow TPTer Dave, on his most recent live excursion. An excerpt of which follows, with his permission. The names have been changed to protect the participants...

We are midway through the rebuy period, when a pot develops between two guys, a Swedish dude (Player 1) I got to know well, and Player 2.

Anyway a wee raise and call, then the flop comes A 5 7

Player 1 comes out betting 1/2 pot, Player 2 flat calls.

Turn 9

Player 1 bets same amount (obviously this is only 1/4 the now growing pot)

Player 2 flat calls

River brings a second A

So the board now look like this: A 5 7 9 A

Pot size is now roughly 6000
Player 1 has 2000
Player 2 has 2500

Player 1 then bets 1500......

Player 2 looks uneasy, then says the following:

"I know you must have an Ace, and must be sitting with trip I'll fold, and show you how lucky you were to hit that river"

Player 2 then proceeds to flip over his hand to reveal.....wait for it.....5 5!!!...Much to the astonishment of the table....


As Teacake responded - What's that quote about making a good move on a bad player is a bad move?

Lesson learned. It's ABC poker next time from me!

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