Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Reclaiming Your Poker Rake

When I started playing poker, I had no idea what rakeback was.

Within a year, it seemed only common sense to set up a rakeback account for some of the networks I played on.

Initially I did a little bit of research within the blogger community, but I didn't get any clear recommendation on sites to avoid or go with.

Eventually, I settled on Rake The Rake since they covered the poker rooms which I did not yet have accounts with, and wanted to add to my poker portfolio.

I wanted to avoid having several rakeback arrangements with different organisations for different poker sites.

Like most of the rakeback sites, Rake The Rake web pages are pretty amateurish and the sign up processes are mainly manual, rather than automated. Most of these companies seem to be very small operations.

Never judge a book by it's cover. Their customer service puts the majority of the big poker sites to shame. Admittedly that's a bit like saying, 'well he's not quite as bad as Pol Pot or Hitler', but it's a recommendation nonetheless.

I didn't want to shill them in any way until I was happy with their service and reliability. After 3 months, I can say the payments have all hit my account bang on time.

I got an email from them this morning, offering an extra bonus to new recruits during January - an extra $10 in your account after 200 raked hands - so this seemed like an opportune moment. There's an extra $5 in it for me too, so don't be shy.

They run monthly member only promos - such as freerolls. The info is on their site. They have even come up with a sort of workaround for the lack of Party Poker rakeback. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

As I said, their processes are pretty manual. So there's no bonus code as such.

Instead, if you are interested, go to the Rake The Rake website, and - if you like what you see - quote my member number (RTR04083) in your sign up email.

Shill ends.

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