Friday, January 20, 2006

Living For The Weekend

The weekend is here, and I've got beer in, a new poker game lined up, and permission from the wife to make a big night of it.

Tonight the TPT are venturing out to another home game, and there should be enough players to make it a 2-table SitNGo. Should be fun.

What more could I ask for?

Well......get a load of this!

Yes, I'm in for one of the biggest lottery jackpots ever.

Usually I ignore the Euromillions, but when the jackpot goes north of about £40 million, it usually catches my eye.

Tonight it should be around £85 million!!

Unlike some lotteries, there's NO tax, and NO staggered payments. The likelihood is that on Monday morning, someone will be depositing a single cheque for the equivalent of around $150 million with their suddenly obsequious local bank manager.

I've resisted the temptation to remortgage the house and 'invest' my lifetime savings in tickets. Even if I had, the odds on winning would still be infinitesimally low.

So, I won't be holding my breath.

I do hope that whoever wins is not some murderer or rapist out on parole, nor some nitwitted 16-year old girl who will be knocked up by her not so daft boyfriend before the cheque has cleared.

Equally I hope it's not some miserable 40-year old guy who still lives with his parents, and 6 months after collecting his winnings will still be living with them, still be driving his ten year old banger, still be doing the same menial job, and still won't have a girlfriend.

When I see these dull bastards moaning in the papers about how miserable the money has made them, it makes me wish Camelot had a clause in the contract that said they were entitled to reclaim the winnings if the person proved too dull to deserve the money.

Of course I want to win, but don't we all? Most of us are smart enough to know it's so unlikely as to be only worth joking about.

What I do hope for, is to hear that someone has won, chosen to remain anonymous, but has issued a statement saying they will be quitting their job immediately, sticking a prudent amount in long term investments, sorting out their friends and relatives mortgages, and heading off on a VERY long world tour with much cash in hand.

We can all hope for that.

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