Sunday, June 18, 2006

Benefits of Blogging

This site isn't ever going to make me rich, but it does have some nice perks.

I've met some great people, had some fun nights out, enjoyed the writing challenge, and every so often there are additional benefits.

Like tonight's blogger tourney, which I completely forgot about until I read Mean Gene reporting he had been knocked out.

So I quickly logged in - 90 minutes late - and saw I still had 500 chips left, and had just been dealt 77 UTG. Err, all-in.

Called by 98s. Race. The Stars RNG saw fit to throw up another two sevens, and I was back in action.

Fifteen minutes later I'm flirting with an average chip stack. Miraculous.

Returning to the perks theme - Mrs Div was incredulous when I told her Full Tilt actually give me a few dollars each month for advertising - though it's probably more to do with page ranking than site visibility.

Nice to know her opinion of my blog is so high.

Another perk I recently discovered is free review copies.

Any poker books I've previously reviewed have been bought with my own money, so in the interests of balance I figure it's worth declaring my upcoming review of Swimming With The Devilfish will be courtesy of the publisher's PR machine.

Back to the tourney now. Unlike last year I've found a table where people actually chat. Having fun...

(Edit: Just busted out. How 65s can't beat KK I do not know!)


Mike Woodhouse said...

(Let's see if I can remember my login here)

A very pleasant table, I thought - nice playing with you.

I clung on to finish 186th. Reraised a big stack from the button with QQ, found he had AQ, A on the the turn. Of course, now I realise I might have done better to call and push the flop, but I thought I needed to double through quickly. C'est la vie, I probably couldn't have gone to Vegas anyway with house stuff going on.

Otter Chaos said...

Hmm. I seem to have 2 accounts... Winder how that happened?

Div said...

You ARE ZeeJustin and I claim my $20