Monday, June 19, 2006

I Think I'm On To Something...

...with my 'better to get killed in the little games and win the big ones' theory.

If it's running true, I should enter the Sunday night biggies this week, as I must have a karma stockpile larger than Everest by now.

Closes eyes, counts to ten, repeats mantra '85% means you still lose 15-in-a-hundred, 85% means you still lose 15-in-a-hundred, 85% means you still lose 15-in-a-hundred'

Seriously, it's all good fun. The only major hand I won tonight was when I got shortstacked and pushed into a reraise with 77. The guy insta-called with 99 and I hit my 7 to survive. So it's not all one way.

The daft thing is, I thought to myself, I'll play some micro games to get a few wins under my belt and build up my confidence before I play a bit higher, but I'm barely even cashing in the micros!

I'm not playing at 100%, but I'm playing well enough to beat people who open limp for 20% of their stack when the blinds are high, people whose play is so transparent I can name precisely what they are betting (the bare ace on a flush board into my made baby flush), people who have no strategic thought whatsoever.

All it needs is a few friendlier turn/river cards and all will be well again.

Recently I read an interview with Andy Black in which he cites discipline as the key attribute which made him a success in his early days.

Paraphrased he states that when you are playing lots of bad players, all you need to do is play solid, wait them out, and you will show a profit.

It's an approach I intuitively adopted when I first started playing, but then I got fancy move syndrome for a while.

Tonight I felt I was back to playing the basics well. Which is a good foundation to build on for the rest of fun month.

Hopefully I'll get some time at the weekend to take a shot at a few of the Stars 180 seaters. I like the look of them in terms of duration, buy-in, and scope for hitting a decent payday.

Famous last words!

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thetank said...

I think ABC is going to take it down whatever you play on the internet. Even at the highest limits.

That the most successful internet players, who play in the biggest games, are playing 8 tables at once only serves to bolster this opinion.

How fancy and imaginative can HE££INGGOL, Tillerman and the like be getting playing octopoker.

A little bit of game theory and mixing it up is obviously necessary. That's part of ABC as far as I'm concerned though, and the operative word in the sentence is "little."

Keep that Fancy Play Syndrome at bay and best of luck being a dilligent diciple of dicipline.