Friday, June 16, 2006

Bollard Tilt

I was planning some NLHE fun last night, until I took a call from Mrs Div.

"You're going to hate me", she blurted through the tears.

She needn't have said any more. I already knew the rest.

Well, that's what car insurance is for I suppose. In truth the damage isn't too bad, and, as the old cliche goes, nobody got hurt.

A hefty dent in the passenger door courtesy of an unnoticed bollard shouldn't pose too many challenges for the body shop.

There was no way I was fit to play NLHE after that news. The insurance premium rise would have paled into insignificance alongside what I could easily have donked off given the chance.

Instead I did the sensible thing, and launched another invasion of Brazil.

After several failed strategies involving cunning pincer movements, air bombardments and naval blockades, I stumbled upon the best strategy for winning a jungle campaign.

Build loads of infantry and artillery and march straight in, blasting the hell out of everything that gets in your way.

Relentless, brutal, merciless. It felt good. Strangely therapeutic.

Net result for the evening, our nice shiny new car has acquired a dent, but I'm benign dictator of all South America. Not a bad result I suppose.


thetank said...

Eeeek, glad no-one was injured.

Last time I heard of Brazilians and car accidents in juxtaposition was the sad and untimely death of Aryton Senna.

Joe Speaker said...

ooof. sorry to hear that. happy all are well, however.

So, as dictator of Brazil, can you amass a hip-shaking harem for me? Thanks.

Div said...

I'll have Adriana and Giselle washed and sent to your room.

Or would you prefer them dirty?