Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Name Is Div...

...and I'm a gameaholic.

No poker all week. I physically didn't feel capable of playing on Monday or Tuesday due to lack of sleep and residual hangover pains. Showing my age with that statement for sure!

Instead I delved into a game I'd bought last year but never got into - Hearts of Iron II. By Wednesday I was hooked.

I've always been a sucker for strategy wargames. Which is probably reflected in my poker style. Fairly tight/aggressive, with the occasional creative move thrown in.

The patience which these games demands is certainly an attribute at the table.

On the downside, they are so damn time consuming, and I get so obsessive that time just flies by.

This week I've been playing as Argentina, and found myself in the situation where at a fairly late hour I say to myself 'I'll wrap up the conquest of Bolivia then head off to bed', only to have my lead troops storming across the Columbian border to the soundtrack of the dawn chorus outside my window.

Huh, where did the night go?

I can't motivate myself to get back to the tables until all of South America is mine. Which should be tomorrow night hopefully.

What a saddo!


Renny999 said...

Holy Cow - I remember you used to do the PBM strategy games. Is that an online one or do you play against the PC / Console ?


Div said...

It's a PC game. The AI is pretty impressive.

You can play against other players over a network/online, or even run a country as a team, but I've not got time for that.

thetank said...

A number of very god poker players are into such strategy games.

Of the top of my head, Tillerman's efforts in this field are well documented.

Also, I noticed a copy of Sid Meir's Civilisation on Dave Colclough's living room table.

As you astutely point out, the skills required to play such games are similar to those required to successful at cards.

Not just the strategic elements, but also the obsesive dedication and pursuit of perfection that such games demand.

Blimmin waste of time though :)